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Chiropody and podiatry services in Warrington

If you're experiencing foot pain or lower leg pain, contact Geoffrey J Clough. If left untreated, minor issues can quickly escalate. Foot pain and discomfort may be a result of hard skin, corns or damaged and deformed nails - all of which can be  gently and carefully treated in a 30 minute appointment.

Your treatment will start with a thorough assessment at our clean, welcoming premises in Warrington. If the issue appears to be related to your balance or gait, a biomechanical assessment may be recommended. Our dedicated team will discuss all proposed measures thoroughly with you. Want to discuss your treatment? Get in touch.

If you're diabetic or suffering from neurological or circulatory problems, Geoffrey J Clough can help. Over two decades in both the private and public sectors, Geoffrey has specialised in working with those with such high risk problems. Whether it's a one-off consultation or an ongoing treatment plan at our Warrington surgery, contact us.

If you are suffering from ingrown or thickened nails, don’t suffer in silence. Most nail problems can be treated without surgery, however, should the need arise, surgery can be undertaken using a local anaesthetic.  Geoff, being one of the most highly qualified practitioners in the area can also administer antibiotics if necessary.

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Effective treatments for foot pain and discomfort.

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